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First Attempt Pass

I wish to share my success in the CEQ exam recently. I enrolled for online exam prep courses for the MCQ, MEQ and CEQ exams and cleared all in the first attempt. Thanks to the Psychscene team for your support!

Academic Achievements

I have attended both your online course and exam workshops, needless to say, I’ve passed the MEQ exam too, having already passed CEQ last year! You have a big role in my academic achievements, so please have your share of thanks!


Thank you for your valuable time and commitment to ongoing education. You never fail to impress, motivate and stimulate young minds!!

MEQ workshop

Thank you very much for the MEQ workshop which has helped me immensely in the preparation.

Practical suggestions – MEQ exam

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and psych scene team as I have passed the MEQ exam. Your guidance, practical suggestions including the “buzz words”, pre course and post course resources were extremely helpful. The structure and time management recommendations did the trick. I am glad that I took the course …

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Home Page 03

Dr. Rege, you are the most inspirational and motivational psychiatrist I have ever met. You are incredible. Thank you!


The MEQ/CEQ course was a great way to change usual patterns of thinking from a narrower focus into a broader perspective, which allows for good exam preparation as well as good day-to-day clinical decision making which incorporates modern evidence-based guidelines.


Just writing to say that I passed my essay exam!!! Over the moon considering the pass rate was only 32% and it was my first attempt. I think your course was absolutely essential in gaining me the pass. Your post-course resources covered at least 50% of the exam questions so that meant I had good …

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I wish I had this methodical approach to studying and learning when I first started training. I think I would have been so much more balanced in my approach and kinder to my patients and myself during the last 4 years…for not learning and memorising things as part of the strict dogmatic approach that often …

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