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Reading Material Category: EMQ

Anxiety Disorders (Notes)

Diagnosis – Initial Assessment and Management – Clinical Recommendations – Treatment – Monitoring Progress – Summary Generalised Anxiety Disorder / Panic Disorder / Social Anxiety Disorder / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / Pharmacotherapy

Schizophrenia (Notes)

Antipsychotics – (Structural Elements, Mechanisms of Action) / Principles in managing first-episode Psychosis / Risk factors for suicide / Principles of managing suicidal ideation / Factors affecting compliance in patients / Strategies to manage non-compliance / Principles of managing treatment-resistant Schizophrenia / Manage Pseudoresistance / Principles of management in non-response to clozapine / Negative Symptoms …

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Depression (Notes)

Criteria for depression, Management of depression, Treatment-resistant depression, Indications for ECT, side Effects of Antidepressants etc

Organic Disorders (Notes)

HIV / Parkinson’s disease / Huntington’s disease / Multiple Sclerosis / SLE / Cushing’ / Addison’s / Epilepsy

Forensic Psychiatry (Notes)

Psychiatric Disorder and Reoffending / Risk factors for violence / Ethical issues in report writing / Components of sexual reoffending program

Dementia (Notes)

Types of dementia / Alzheimer’s disease / Fronto-temporal dementia / Huntington’s Disease / Lewy body Dementia / Wilson’s Disease / BPSD / Management of Dementia / Carer Burden etc