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Schizophrenia (Notes)

Antipsychotics – (Structural Elements, Mechanisms of Action) / Principles in managing first-episode Psychosis / Risk factors for suicide / Principles of managing suicidal ideation / Factors affecting compliance in patients / Strategies to manage non-compliance / Principles of managing treatment-resistant Schizophrenia / Manage Pseudoresistance / Principles of management in non-response to clozapine / Negative Symptoms and its Causes / Components of family therapy / Components of CBT / Techniques in Adherence therapy / Components of Cognitive Remediation Therapy / Components and Principles of Social Skills Training / Criteria for Prodromal States / Consequences of Untreated Psychosis / Management of EPSE (important points) / Haematological side effects of Clozapine / Cardiovascular side effects of Clozapine / Metabolic Syndrome and Management / Mechanism of Action – Antipsychotice-induced weight gain / Characteristics of late onset Schizophrenia compared with early onset Schizophrenia / Contributory factors to Psychosis in old age / Common misidentifying delusions in Alzheimer’s disease / DSM 5 criteria for Schizophrenia / DSM 5 criteria for Schizoaffective Disorder