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Podcasts for Critical Essay Exam

This audio guide to critical essay writing in psychiatry is specifically aimed at those preparing to write the RANZCP Critical Essay exam (CEQ). It may equally be of interest to candidates preparing to write similar exams or just looking to improve their critical thinking and writing skills.

Multiple plans with flexible options

Quick Prep


Accessible for

1 Month


  • 1 month of complete access
  • 3 hours + audio files



Accessible for

3 Months


  • 3 months of complete access
  • 3 hours + audio files

Course Structure

Part 1 (20:48 mins)

General approaches and techniques to consider when writing a critical essay- some advice on first steps, planning, time management, and structure.

Part 2 (40:12 mins)

Key topics to be built into the body of the essay- important concepts and content used to build and present an informed and sophisticated argument.

Part 3 (2 hrs+)

A series of conversations between Dr. Sanil Rege and Dr. James Shelly around previous critical essay exam questions. The quotes/statements are discussed covering the domains of the exam marking scheme allowing you to use the conversations as food for thought for your own essay writing.

Discussion Quote 1 –  “The truth was that my preconceptions had made me blind to the influence of the social environment – Robin Murray.”

Discussion Quote 2 –  “Therapeutic risk-taking and hope are essential aspects in the creation of a care environment that promotes recovery.”

Discussion Quote 3 – “For suicide is a complex cultural and moral concern that is deeply embedded in social and historical narratives and is unlikely to be greatly altered by any form of health intervention.”